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Programs at Clear Sky Australia



Clear Paws

Clear Sky Australia is passionate about creating opportunities for its participants to build independence and capacity to live with as much autonomy as possible. Noticing that employment training opportunities for people with a disability are extremely limited in Newcastle we made the decision to open Clear Paws which provides the perfect supported environment to develop employability skills.
Clear Paws is a launch pad for its participants to make the transition to employment! Our team will provide a thorough assessment, written reference and certificate for the time you spend with us to help you with your goal of finding your perfect job!


Friendly Grocer Blackbutt

Clear Sky Australia understands just how hard it is to get an opportunity for
work experience. We are looking for keen and eager participants of the NDIS to
undertake work skills and training at our Friendly Grocer at Blackbutt. Successful
applicants will require 1:1 Support funding, full support will be provided by Clear
Sky Australia Staff.


The Produce Collective

The CSA Produce Collective is a small business operation designed to provide skills and education around running and operating a small business. The business in mind is a Fruit and Vegetable Box delivery service. One week the participants will work on collecting orders via phone and building a call register, flyer distribution and marketing, design and write a leaflet that will go into each box providing customers with a recipe (provided by FOTW), a wellness tip (Provided by Be Clear) and a growing home grown fruit and veg tip (Provided by Clear Outdoors) and many more. The second week will consist of participants accessing a local fruit and vegetable market or store to collect produce to then return back for boxing and distribution. Participants will finish the day going door to door delivering the fruit and vegetable boxes.


Blackbutt Reserve

Blackbutt Reserve occupies over 182 hectares of natural bushland providing visitors with the opportunity to enjoy nature trails, wildlife exhibits, children's playgrounds, or passive recreation. The Reserve's undulating natural environment is the perfect place to explore the wonders of nature with its peaceful picnic settings, wide open spaces and the diverse range of habitats and ecosystems.
Be part of the CSA team of valued Volunteers who, with our support will help maintain this important Newcastle institution while learning a variety of employability skills and contributing to this important ecological and research Centre.


Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels NSW has over 14,000 volunteers who deliver around 4.5 million meals to clients each year.
There are 150 local Meals on Wheels NSW branches across the state.
Meals on Wheels NSW has been serving meals and a friendly visit to our clients for more than 60 years.

CSA will support you to contribute to this amazing organization by being a recognized volunteer supporting members of the community who need it the most. 

It's not only clients whose lives are enhanced by Meals on Wheels. CSA clients who give time to Meals on Wheels say volunteering has added a new dimension to their lives. The satisfaction of doing something practical yet personal is reward in itself. 
CSA volunteers are crucial to the operation of the Meals on Wheels organisation. Help us to deliver the meals and other food services to clients, as well as helping run the service by serving on the management committee.


Survivors R US

SA has been given an amazing opportunity to volunteer at Survivors ‘R’ Us. Survivors' ‘R’ Us is a food kitchen and an op shop in Cardiff. Survivors' ‘R’ Us is a is a not-for-profit charity and benevolent institution that supports the fight against domestic violence, homelessness and unemployment. It sells food and clothes cheaply for those who are less fortunate.  In this program participants will learn a variety of work skills while helping out for a great cause. 

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