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Supported Independent Living

Supporting you to become more independent

Clear Sky Australia offers a variety of options for people with disability of various ages. Take a look at our day programs below and get in touch with our admissions office to learn more.


Clear Independence

This program is designed to give participants a fun and interactive day with a view to ticking off social goals and independent living skills. CSA places a strong emphasis on skill development, so participants are encouraged to investigate and develop learning opportunities, social empowerment and develop skills to help in everyday settings. Our eventual goal is always increased independence, to be able to teach and train the skills and knowledge to live with increased autonomy. This program has a large scope in fun settings but regardless of the day's core activities, supporters will be following and supporting, not leading, participants to succeed. 

Participants will also learn fundamental independent living skills in a live environment with a focus on their capacity to undertake everyday skills

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