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Creative Programs

Turn your thoughts and dreams into creations

Clear Sky Australia offers a variety of options for people with disability of various ages. Take a look at our day programs below and get in touch with our admissions office to learn more.


Clear Creations

Clear Creations is all about exploring a variety of artistic mediums through a range of experiences.  Our staff will assist you to explore, self-awareness and satisfy your creative minds through self-expression and provide a variety of different experiences whilst developing skills and accessing the community and events. 
We want to guide you to learn how to develop and create a cultural and community impact while experimenting with things like, but not limited to: Photography, Video and image editing, colour etchings, art design and education, craft and much much more. 
We would love to provide and facilitate a pathway to exhibit your works to Family friends and the Newcastle community to showcase your natural expression and talents.

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