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Health and Wellbeing Programs

Your Health and Wellbeing is so important!

Clear Sky Australia offers a variety of options for people with disability of various ages. Take a look at our day programs below and get in touch with our admissions office to learn more.

Be Clear

CSA Be Clear is all about learning to relax into effortless, Experience and explore the benefits of relaxation by participating in a variety of both structured and unstructured exercises, things like, but not limited to: Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness practice, personal development, reflective practices, YIN Yoga and so much more. 
We all have stresses in our lives, Be Clears Mantra is the perfect conduit to providing you with the tools you need to deal with the stresses of everyday life whilst you access the community doing fun and interactive things. Explore the natural environment with your friends, feel the earth under your feet and be grounded. It's Perfect way to start the day.


Fit 4 Life

The program is designed to empower our participants with a holistic range of skills and knowledge that will assist with everyday life and wellbeing. Participants will be supported to participate in a physical activity in the morning at Air Locker Training Newcastle. Our staff and the team at Air Locker will support you to learn about physical training and good nutrition practices. The day will be finished off by preparing your own healthy lunch each week.


4 The Fellas

The program is designed to empower our clients with a holistic range of skills and knowledge that will assist with everyday life and wellbeing. clients will be supported to attend Tactix Training in Cardiff where they will learn skills in Mixed Martial Arts and movement. 4 The Fella’s program is designed to support men to develop a holistic range of skills for everyday life with a combination of theory and practical based learning over 12 weeks. 

Education will focus on building men’s capacity to engage in the community safety and to develop the protective strategies and knowledge to deal with real life situations 

Clients will be supported to better understand their own bodies, Personal care / grooming, sexuality / sexual behaviour, relationships, anger management, pregnancy / reproduction, contraception and drug and alcohol education. 


Clear Women

Introducing Clear Women, our female empowerment program where we come together to promote a healthy body and a healthy mind through exercise and education. We understand the importance of women's bodies, how they function, and the significance of self and professional care. That's why we provide education and resources on how to take care of yourself both physically and mentally.

At Clear Women, we focus on building social skills, encouraging discussions, and promoting confidence through conversations and group exercises. We want our participants to feel empowered and supported by the group by creating a safe environment for them to share their thoughts and goals. We believe that building a strong community is essential to promoting an empowered lifestyle.

We also connect Clear Women to local community venues and activities to expand their horizons, broaden their interests, and strengthen their relationships. We emphasize the importance of safety and encourage our participants to practice and promote water, community, home, and personal safety.



Clear Sky Australia's Fishing Skills program offers an opportunity for participants to learn the valuable skill of fishing and be self-sufficient while experiencing the local beaches, lakes, and rivers. This program promotes patience and improves mental health through mindfulness while also focusing on teamwork, water safety, and sustainability. Participants will also benefit from the social aspect of the program, encouraging discussion and building confidence. Clear Sky Australia's Fishing Skills program empowers participants to provide food from the land while enjoying the fresh air and community access to local water bodies. Join us and have an unforgettable experience learning a skill for life!


Water Aerobics & Music

This program is designed to give participants a fun and interactive day with a view to ticking off fitness skills and building self-confidence through performance. This program places a strong emphasis on water safety and fitness while allowing participants to express themselves musically

Our eventual goal is to increase the overall fitness and confidence of our participants. Participants will then finish the day off with a performance afternoon learning new skills and improving their current skills in music. The staff will support the participants to develop work on a performance.



The program is designed to empower participants to engage and participate in a range of sports and physical activities in the local community. Assisting participants towards developing skills to engage in mainstream sports independently. Working alongside participants towards achieving their health/wellness/fitness goals.
Want to start a team in an evening or weekend mainstream competition ? then let us know ! We are all about supporting real community inclusion whilst developing some life long friendships and using the sporting arena to achieve this.

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