Health and Wellbeing Programs

Your Health and Wellbeing is so important

Clear Sky Australia offers a variety of options for people with disability of various ages. Take a look at our day programs below and get in touch with our admissions office to learn more.


Be Clear

CSA Be Clear is all about learning to relax into effortless, Experience and explore the benefits of relaxation by participating in a variety of both structured and unstructured exercises, things like, but not limited to: Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness practice, personal development, reflective practices, YIN Yoga and so much more. 
We all have stresses in our lives, Be Clears Mantra is the perfect conduit to providing you with the tools you need to deal with the stresses of everyday life whilst you access the community doing fun and interactive things. Explore the natural environment with your friends, feel the earth under your feet and be grounded. It's Perfect way to start the day.


Fit 4 Life

The program is designed to empower our participants with a holistic range of skills and knowledge that will assist with everyday life and wellbeing. Participants will be supported to participate in a physical activity in the morning at Hunter Performance Centre. Our staff and Aiden will also support you to learn about physical training and good nutrition practices. The day will be finished off by preparing your own healthy lunch each week.

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The program is designed to empower participants to engage and participate in a range of sports and physical activities in the local community. Assisting participants towards developing skills to engage in mainstream sports independently. Working alongside participants towards achieving their health/wellness/fitness goals.
Want to start a team in an evening or weekend mainstream competition ? then let us know ! We are all about supporting real community inclusion whilst developing some life long friendships and using the sporting arena to achieve this.

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